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 "I didn't know how bad I felt
until I started feeling better"

- Another healthy client

NT1:1 provides many services to address and improve common health issues. Proper identification & assessment are critical in knowing what areas to address.

Services Available:
 | Complete Nutritional Therapy Assessment
 | DNA Health Analysis - Wellness & Fitness Panels
| Comprehensive Metabolic Profiles
 | Energy Essentials Metabolic Profile

| Journey to Optimal Health 
 | Healthy Kids program for kids 8-13
 | ADD/ADHD, Autism
 | Blood Chemistry Evaluations
 | Gastrointestinal Panels
 | Hormone Panels (Menopause - Andropause)
 | Endocrine/Fertility Issues
 | Adrenal Stress Evalulations
 | Food Allergy Testing
 | Organic Acid Testing
 | Detoxification Programs
 | Emotional Energenics & EFT
 | Lifestyle & Weight Management

 | Educational Seminars & Classes
 | Addiction & Smoking Cessation Programs
 | Corporate Wellness Programs

Evaluation Techniques
Nutritional Therapy utilizes a variety of evaluation methods to determine areas of imbalance. Because each individual has different health needs, evaluations for each person may vary. 

  • Initial Client Interview
  • Food Journal
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
  • Metabolic Testing 
  • Functional Evaluation
  • Lingual Neural Testing
  • Energy Kinesiology
  • Neurochemisty Balance
  • Saliva, Stool, Urine & Blood Chemistry testing 

Nutritional Therapy 1:1 is dedicated to improving the quality of health in America, creating awareness that we do have choices, and providing education on those choices.

If you have health challenges that are not being successfully addressed by your current options, or if you would just like to feel better, live longer and be healthier, please call or email today! I am happy to discuss your health issues at no charge to see if Nutritional Therapy is the solution for you!

Norma Kayte O'Dell, NTP
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Schedule of Fees

Wellness Assessment                                  $199
Your Wellness Assessment begins with a review of your Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) and food journals.  This provides the base for evaluation and recommendations for improving your health.  Depending on these results additional testing may be recommended (neurotransmitter balance, hormone panels, blood chemistry, etc) at an additional cost.

Much of this information will be gathered and assessed prior to your appointment.  At the time of your consultation I will review your results, outline areas of deficiencies and/or concern and provide you with a detailed plan of action including diet, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.  You will be given your results and recommendations for you to review at your leisure. 

Allow 2 hours for initial appointment. 

Download NAQ form - Food Journal


Follow up appointments                                                $45/hr
Recommended at 4, 8 and 12 weeks.  Your first follow up appointment is included in the cost of the Assessment.

Nutritional Counseling                                                   $50/hr
Sometimes clients prefer to work on specific issues.  Keeping in mind that there are no fences in the body, and what impacts one system impacts all, it is sometimes possible to work on a specific issue (acid reflux, IBS, Adrenal Fatigue, etc).

DNA Analysis - The laser approach to Nutrition!                $395
The most advanced genetic assessment available! Includes non-invasive Gene SNP evaluation for diet, exercise and lifestyle, professional evaluation of Health & LIfestyle Report & Recommendations, and individualized supplement custom formula (supplements additional) More Information

Other Services                                                                  $50/hr
Cold Laser Healing (usually 1/2 hour sessions)
Emotional Healing, Energy Work, EFT
Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy
Smoking Cessation
Addiction, Dependency Issues (
Nutritional Recovery)

Testing Evaluations
Additional tests such as Hormone Panels, Thyroid, GI Panels, Food Allergies, Blood Chemistries, Adrenal Stress Index and other tests done thru outside labs are assessed a $50 interpretation fee in addition to the cost of the test.

NT11 does not accept or bill insurance*, however we are happy to provide you with a statement of services if you would like to submit to your personal spending account.  Payment is due at the time of service or class registration.

Missed appointments or appointments canceled with less than 3 hours notice will be billed at the full rate.

Classes are non-refundable, however they can be rescheduled for a more convenient time.  If space allows classes can be taken again for a $75 audit class fee.


*Insurance reimbursement may be available on certain DFH tests.