If what you're doing now isn't working for you, consider adding Nutritional Recovery to your program.
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Traditional Rehab and 12-Step programs do not usually address the nutritional, hormonal and chemical imbalances resulting from years of substance abuse. Often times, new addictions (sugar, caffiene, nicotine) simply replace the previous addiction.

Drawing from the considerable research and teachings of notable addiction experts such as Chris Prentiss, Dr Eric Braverman, Joan Mathews Larson, John Newport and Dr Julia Ross, NT1:1 works with clients in recovery to bring the body and brain back into balance.

Cravings, anxiety and overall poor health are signs that other areas need to be addressed.  I offer both nutritional assessment as well as neurotransmitter assessment (specific addictions can be associated with specific neurotransmitter dominance and deficiency).

Restoring and balancing your brain chemistry and nutritional support can go a long way in substance recovery success and keeping your sanity. 

Contact NT1:1 Nutritional Recovery today for a no charge discussion on how your recovery can be enhanced with nutritional protocols.

Other Resources

Passages Malibu
"Passages is not a 12-step program and we do not share the belief that alcoholism and addiction are diseases.  At the core of every addiction are underlying problems that are the direct cause of your dependency on drugs and alcohol.  Alcoholism and addiction are just symptoms of the deep, underlying problems in your life.  At Passages, we help you discover and heal those underlying problems, putting an end to your addiction."

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 7 Weeks to Sobriety by Dr. Joan Matthews Larson

"Open this book and you will embark on a groundbreaking seven-week journey that will change your life. You will learn how to break your addiction to alcohol and end your cravings--and do it under your own power. Here, step-by-step, is a proven, seven-week program developed by Dr. Joan Matthews Larson at the innovative Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, that subdues your body's addictive chemistry and puts you on the path to full recovery."

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The Wellness-Recovery Connection by John Newport

"A leading wellness advocate offers a step-by-step holistic plan for the 50 million people in recovery – a personalized blueprint for adding years to their life and life to their years. Includes a foreword by leading relapse prevention expert Terence T. Gorski.

Based on over thirty years in the trenches as a wellness professional and counselor, John Newport, Ph.D. shares the missing dimension in recovery and the reason why the majority of people battling alcoholism and drug addiction fail to reap the full benefits of recovery and optimal health: They don’t adopt a wellness-oriented lifestyle.

Newport breaks down the nebulous concept of wellness into 7 steps, and gives people in recovery – and their families – specific tools to design their own blueprint for optimal health."