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Areas covered in the Journey to Optimal Health include:

Key #1 – Optimizing Nutrition - Optimal nutrition is the most important factor in keeping your brain healthy.

Key #2 – Balance Your Hormones - Your hormones serve as major switches and can influence mood and behavior disturbances.

Key #3 – Cool Off Inflammation – Inflammation and its effects from Autism to Alzheimer’s.

Key #4 – Fix Your Digestion – What happens in the gut affects the health of your brain and body.

Key #5 – Enhance Detoxification - The toxic burden in the 21st century is overwhelming, and often our bodies can’t keep up leading to serious illness.

Key #6 - Boost Energy Metabolism
– The Secret to Living to 120 (or at least making it thru the day!)

Key #7 – Calm Your Mind – How Stress Makes Your Brain Hard (not a good thing!) 

Focusing on these areas leads to increased health, energy and lifestyle habits to last a lifetime! 

The Fast Track to Optimal Health!
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Are you experiencing low energy, brain fog, joint pain, weight gain (especially around the middle), sleep disturbances, low libido, inflammation?

Journey to Optimal Health This accelerated 8-week class is designed for the individual with no major health issues, but lacking the focus and vitality they once had. 

Covering all the key areas that need to be in balance for optimal health you'll feel major improvement quickly.

Beginning with a 2-hour Getting Started* class and followed by weekly individual conferences you’ll see noticeable changes in your overall health, vitality and mental awareness.

The Moving Forward* class wraps up the program and helps you focus on staying healthy! 

A comprehensive workbook provides everything you need to know and everything you need to do to achieve balance in these areas. From what you should have in your kitchen, menu plans, recipes and even shopping lists, to a detailed daily checklist this is your roadmap to Optimal Health!

Program Cost is only $275 (Wellness Circle members recieve a 15% discount!) and includes class instruction, individual weekly consultations, comprehensive workbook, testing in the key areas, oxidation evaluation, mineral analysis, personalized recommendations and follow up visit.

In order to have testing completed by the start of the program, pre-registration and payment is required one week in advance of the Getting Started class. 

Due to the nature of this program refunds are allowed only through the end of the Getting Started class, less a $75 admin fee.

Please call for dates and times. (512) 564-0319
*Webinars available for Online Class