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Children's Nutritional Therapy Services

We are entrusted with the care & feeding of our kids and we have done a less than admirable job. Not lacking in good intentions, we have been given misinformation and poor guidance in the foods & nutrition we provide to our children.

We all need to do a better job; parents, school officials and government programs all need to pull together to remove toxic ingredients, "franken-foods" and other substances that are leading our children down the path to obesity and ill-health.

Nutritional Therapy plays a key role in childhood obesity, and other health issues previously seen in adults, but now beginning in childhood.  With group programs and individual counseling available, optimal health is now a family affair!

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Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/ADHD

There is considerable research on the impact of diet and gastrointestinal health on autistic children.  These ultra-sensitive kids have digestive systems just as sensitive and fragile, and extra care must be taken to remove offenders from their diets.  Especially critical is the removal of gluten (the protein found in wheat and other grains), casein (protein found in dairy) and soy (which can mimic gluten). 

I am happy to discuss nutritional protocols to improve your child's digestion which in turn contributes to improvement in many other areas.  I can also recommend nutritional support products especially formulated for Spectrum Disorder children (More Info).

I have found it most effective when the entire family adheres to the nutritional protocols and consider the family as my client. An added benefit of Nutritional Therapy is that the entire family becomes healthier!

Download the NT11 ADD/ADHD/Autism Assessment Info Sheet. 

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Autism Lab Tests
Identifying & understanding biochemical functioning on an individual basis can assist in developing an accurate plan of action.
Some of the tests available include -

Hair Element Analysis
Toxic Metals, Urine/Stool Analysis

- Contact NT1:1 for more info -

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Another great resource for working with ADD/ADHD children is  Dr. Stephen Cowan's book, "Fire Child, Water Child: How Understanding the five types of ADHD can help you improve your child's self esteem and attention"

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A 4-week lifestyle & weight management program for kids 8 – 13 aimed at improving health, self esteem and achieving a healthy weight.

According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “The obesity rate is more than four times higher among children ages 6 to 11 than it was a generation ago. During the same time period, the rate has more than tripled among teens ages 12 to 19, and more than doubled among children ages 2 to 5. Today, nearly one-third of all children and adolescents in our country (more than 23 million youth) remain overweight or obese, placing them at heightened risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and a host of other serious diseases.” 

A fun program for kids that hits all the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight for life. We address issues such as media perceptions, social norms, what is a healthy weight, what's really in our food and more.

The 4-week educational program is held on Saturdays (time TBA). Class size is limited and advance registration is required. Cost for the program is $150 per child with discounts available for siblings.

While the program addresses obesity in children, being overweight is not a requirement for the class. Making healthy choices is for everyone!

Class dates and more information is available by calling Nutritional Therapy 1:1 at (512) 564-0319 or via email at

Children have special nutritional needs.  Add to that the "pickiness factor" and making sure your kids are eating right can be a challenge! If you suspect your child's eating habits are not providing them with 100% of needed nutrients, or if your child has special needs, I am happy to recommend a nutrition and supplement program to make sure they are getting everything their growing bodies need for optimal health! 

Supplement lines I recommend include Isotonix and Designs For Health.  Both companies provide high quality products formulated especially for children.  Please contact me for nutrition suggestions and product recommendations!

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 Julie Matthews from Nourishing Hope on Picky Eaters -

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My hero is Jamie Oliver whom you may have seen on the ABC series, Food Revolution.  He is AMAZING and spreading the message that we have to start feeding our children better. Check out his awesome video from TED and sign the petition to support the
Food Revolution!